What’s In A Name?

👑Just to be clear and dispel any confusion that is lurking around the subject: Goldie Magazine ltd is the original Magazine which was conceived in August 2017 by Jeanie and Stephen Marsh in a garden in France. We have sought insight to help us understand and process what has subsequently happened to us during this undeniably exciting adventure and steep learning curve. We don’t feel it is appropriate to go into detail online, but for those of you out there who have experienced unethical dealings in the cut and thrust of the business world, we thought we would share with you the wise words of advice from creativelive.com  on how to best react and keep your professional integrity intact whilst continuing to develop your concept, which in our case is the next  October issue of our magazine:-
1. Stop, Drop, and Don’t React

If you think someone has stolen your idea, the first thing to do is…nothing. Emotions can run high when it comes to attribution, so don’t let your anger get away with you (or stymie a chance for real resolution). The best thing you can do is take a pause and give your emotions and your mind a bit of time to cool off before acting. Make room for mindfulness in your daily routine so that stressful moments like this will find you ready to respond peacefully.

2. There Are No New Ideas

Next, ask yourself if you’re upset because someone has stolen your idea or because they’ve stolen your content. The distinction may be hard to determine, but it’s critical. Nobody can copyright an idea, even if it’s awesome. Besides, there aren’t really any new ideas, anyway. Some ideas are so evergreen that it’s likely you copied them to begin with. Get real with yourself…did the person who’s pissing you off take ‘your’ idea or your actual work product?

Speaking up is one thing, but there are very few situations in which it makes sense to raise a huge professional stink or take legal action about copied work. Remember: the best revenge is a career (and life) well-lived. Remind yourself that the alleged copier must feel pretty creatively bereft to have to snag someone else’s work and pass it off as their own…then get your revenge by doing better than they could ever imagine.

Goldie Magazine Ltd No Limits is currently in production for print publication in early October 2018 and we cordially invite you to hop on board and join us for the journey. The destination will be a thing of inspiration and we will let you know ASAP when our BigCartel online shop is live for advance orders. We would ask our followers to consider sharing this on social media, as it is a salutary tale to all.

Thank you for reading.


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