What do you do when you reach the age of 60 & keep reading about people post 40 feeling irrelevant, invisible, overlooked? Do you, like me, have the urge to shout very loudly that you are not invisible nor is anyone you know (unless they choose to be)? Well No Limits Magazine is the culmination of my own response, which followed on from creating the original Goldie publication (a few hiccoughs, life lessons and reality checks there, but not enough to dim or extinguish my passion!)…
There is so much to engage with in this glorious messy thing called life, & the learning curve never ends. Nor does making new friends in the virtual world many of whom have gone on to become real-life ones… They support, inspire & are busily engaged with  their own myth-busting journeys… Thanks to people like: Carey Marvin, Loretta: thecountdownto60.com, Meri: uberchicover60.com, Angelika: angelikabuettner.com, The Forever Fierce Revolution: catharinegraceo.com, Susie: susielangphoto.com Sirli: sirliraitma.com  and all the beautiful, talented contributors to this issue. I could go on and on, and if you are left out it’s honestly not because I think any less of you!
If you have purchased No Limits Magazine, or are surreptitiously flicking through someone else’s, I think you will see there is much to celebrate about getting older. For too long there has been little to inspire the older generation, with too much emphasis on limitations and challenges rather than the pleasure principle. There is much to enjoy within its pages, with many deliciously voyeuristic glimpses into the lives of others who are sharing with us snapshots of their ‘normal’.  French enlightenment writer Voltaire’s words seem to be an appropriate way of expressing the feelings of our team: “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” By sharing people from all over the worlds talents and creative gifts we have been able to produce something of which we are collectively and justifiably proud. No Limits has zero interest in being a lifestyle magazine for the boomer generation. As far as we are concerned, age buys you a major right to be comfortable being whoever the hell you want to be – just as long as it makes you happy and nobody gets hurt. Equality, diversity and acceptance are what we seek to promote within these pages – oh and a fair bit of controversy, naughtiness and colour thrown in for good measure. You are beautiful humans – Vive la difference! Try hanging out with us in print and online & maybe expect a little more from your life. Order your No Limits Magazine Agegasm  immediately from: https://nolimitsmagazine.bigcartel.com/product/no-limits-vive-la-revolution  – doctors orders! 💋

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