The People Who Helped Make No Limits (1): Angelika Buettner

👑 Our mission at No Limits Magazine is to celebrate ageing in a positive manner, and dispel any ideas that we become somehow irrelevant or invisible as we grow older. So many people have volunteered their creative talents to make No Limits feel so ⚡️agegasmic⚡️, so we are delighting in publishing some of their work online as well as in the print magazine. Photographer extraordinaire Angelika Buettner ( confessed when I had the pleasure of meeting her in New York, to being way more comfortable behind the camera lens, but still has much to say about the ageing process. She shared stunning portraits with us from her I Am project for the previous incarnation of our magazine, & has contributed to a feature called “Saint or Sinner” in the current edition (available from:https:/ Am  is a profound celebration of women’s ageless beauty, hopefully soon to be published in its own right… You can be certain that we will be reviewing it!
(Oh & ps: We’re hoping Angelika is going to shoot the cover for our spring issue 📸 – Featuring a certain feisty ageless New Yorker 😉).

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