No Limits Newsletter Number 4 2019 – The Spring Confessional

♥It’s coffee & confession time at No Limits HQ: The spring 2019 print publication is running a teensy weensy bit behind schedule, so needs our lovely agegasm followers to be patient. The magazine was born in 2017 from a desire to show that older people are not invisible, that regardless of our age we are always relevant with much to contribute to society. Who would have thought it would be part of a zeitgeist moment in time – a veritable explosion of boomers demanding to be seen & heard on all platforms… That said, here’s the thing: Self-publishing is never an easy money making exercise. The journey from creative concept to publication is not for the feint hearted & is riven with potential disaster!!! It involves an all- consuming array of multi-tasking & embracing a whole raft of new (to me) technology. No Limits is a passion project that has been a great success, has grown a great following & made so many wonderful global friendships & connections, that it now forms a central part of daily life & how I identify myself as the EIC. However there is the crucial little matter of needing to juggle earning money from other sources to fund it, alongside responsibilities towards family, friends & the community in which I live… I’m sure it’s a familiar trope in the rhythm of many of our lives.

♥We all know how much negotiation goes on in order to find work/life balance, but occasionally it’s not possible to focus on what your heart wants to. My inner hippy-child struggles with this constantly as a little bit of me wants to have the freedom to shrug off personal/financial responsibilities, but how would I then be able to enjoy the comfort of sitting at my kitchen table, or in my she-shed creating? The needs of the people I have opened up my heart to & love unconditionally are sometimes greater than magazine deadlines & the creative process… I’m musing over a few recent life contrasts – from swanning around NYC last October to spread the No Limits word, to disability crisis management at home so that my main man can continue to work & I can fit in a knee replacement, to elderly relative care, to initiating building work so that at least some of the young people in my life will have somewhere to live in this expensive city, to maximising my little Airbnb business, to supporting where possible a close friend who’s going through unthinkably awful illness at the moment… Oh yeah – & publishing the next jam-packed volume of NO LIMITS & having a social life… Hardly the stuff of “retirement” (not that I would ever want it)!!!!

♥I see my 62year old life now as being no different or less relevant to how it’s ever been (& certainly not remotely invisible). It’s a giddily evolving rollercoaster of joy/despair & all stops in-between. It’s L-I-F-E in glorious technicolour & I don’t want it to stop until the final curtain call when I trot off to the next big adventure. Yeah adjustments are constantly necessary in mind & body, which reminds me of a quote from the latest episode of tv comedy gold Fleabag, when the magnificent Kirsten Scott-Thomas says of the menopause over a martini or three: ‘The f***ing menopause comes and it is the most wonderful f***ing thing in the world. And yes, your entire pelvic floor crumbles and you get f***ing hot and noone cares – but then, you’re free. You’re no longer a slave, no longer a machine with parts. You’re just a person, in business.’ This cannot be stressed enough – that hippy-child freedom I mentioned earlier on can filter through via unlikely circumstances…

♥Confession over. I’m off to smell the spring blossom & think about editing the story of our naughty 70yr old No Limits cover ‘girl’, & the punk rocker turned trout lover amongst other things domestic. Good things are well worth the wait my friends.

♥Love & Peace always

Jeanie Marsh-Dawson EIC

No Limits Magazine