No Limits Newsletter Number 3 2019 – In Dog We Love & Trust

♥ Trust. Openness. Connectivity. (TOC) Everyone sees a different reality & age does not necessarily bring  the wisdom to make better-informed choices! The dog love part comes later, but first news of our next production.

In Dog We Trust

♥ Working on the April issue of No Limits Magazine has meant exciting new forays into unknown territory. I/we have been engaging with many beautiful people in the global village, both online & in person to gather meaningful content for the Magazine. This often involves delegating & trusting in other people’s judgment. In turn of course people have to trust that we will publish their work in a way that’s true to their vision as well as our own…No pressure then! Our next iconic No Limits cover queen, the life force that is Purely Patricia has been photographed in NYC by awesomely talented photographer Angelika Buettner. Angelika has been a collaborator since our first issue, when we discovered her glorious I AM project… The anticipation is almost unbearable as we wait to see our collaborative vision come to life! Every day brings fresh inspiration & stories to share & tell along the theme of “doing what you love”, as we celebrate how us third agers are endeavouring to live out our lives. In the run-up to our biggest issue yet…TOC features hugely in the creative team effort of this (g)older production.

New York 2018 by Stephen Marsh

♥ London UK is the home base for our publication, but so many of our followers & contributors lie beyond our island, so when the opportunity arose to rock up in New York last October with a suitcase full of the newly printed No Limits Magazines, I had no idea just how thrilling the trip would prove to be. I had arranged to meet various people who I had developed relationships with through the magazine, & BOOM/ZAP/POW/BUZZZZZZ – my faith in all that is beautiful about human connections was affirmed & magnified. Months earlier,  by becoming sucked into the fallout of a misguided collaboration, how easily I could have abandoned my mission to tell your stories, myth busting those ageing stereotypes & challenging invisibility.  I feel an abundance of gratitude to the strong supportive women of New York with whom I have forged beautiful connections on this ever evolving journey: Meri Frishman, Susie Lang, Angelika Buettner, Karen Williams, Patricia Fox , Larry Silver… Carey Marvin – our No Limits champion & Muse Extraordinaire transplanted through love from NYC to London many years ago, Loretta Sayers  & her fierce Sisterhood in Santa Barbara CA – you all lifted me & No Limits up at a questioning moment, to affirm that I/we had produced something to be proud of…Yeah, I felt the restorative power of TOC, & wonderfully the magazine went on to become a sell-out issue. Result!!!

Digital Copies of No Limits available online.

♥ So where do pooches figure in all this?

Clemmie the Wonder Dog & Dood Talulah-Belle

♥ Sometimes it’s good to vent to a non-human! Having a dog companion is better than any therapy, restorative & reminds you that it’s so much easier to wag your tail (human translation: have a little dance), have a scratch, be happy & live in the now…My Doodle Lu-Bear’s loving, trusting brown eyes gaze intently at me as I give voice to my inner concerns around human contact… No judgment is given, no remuneration required beyond a cuddle & the proffering of a ginger nut biscuit. I feel safe with my canine companion. Dogs let things go & embrace happy optimism as their default position… We could learn so much from unconditional dog love. Life is exciting, disappointing, up, down, colourful & very occasionally beige (Sue Kreizman believes beige can kill you, so watch out!). It’s never too late to do something new that takes you out of your comfort zone & stretches your endurance. Publishing a magazine for the midlife onwards generation at 60plus has certainly presented me  with new challenges & horizons. When I was recently asked in an interview why I’m not interested in producing a “lifestyle” magazine for the boomer generation, my reply was; Who am I to tell us (g)olders how we should be living out our third age?…I think we are perfectly capable by now of self determination.”

Original portraits by Helen Williamson

♥ Conclusion?: Just do what you LOVE people, talk & play, hug with abandon, show & allow yourself to LOVE unconditionally…LOVE without losing faith. Always & forever In Dog We Love & Trust – Safeness & trust when connecting with humans can be a tad trickier, which requires putting on your big girl panties & dealing with it – as you can see from the content of this newsletter!

Happy Valentines Week

EIC Jeanie Marsh-Dawson

No Limits Magazine

Dame Cleo loved & dressed by Carey Marvin


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