No Limits Magazine Spring 2019 Newsletter number 1

♥Spring will be upon us in the blinking of an eye, with the darkness of winter a distant memory and the prospect of a new budding issue of our myth-busting ageing stereotypes magazine- woop woop! … After the excitement of selling out the last self-published No Limits issue, I/we have had to take a hiatus due to ill health & other unavoidable priorities taking precedence. We are pleased to have bounced back, & are excitedly perusing the life-affirming list of articles and photographs already in our files ready to roll for the Spring 2019 issue of No Limits, in which we are exploring stories around the mantra ‘do what you love’. As we live longer ever busy lives & grapple with the challenges of taking charge of what that entails, we are taking a look at the warts n all reality of how we the post 40 generation view retirement, as opposed to the bowing out at 60 (women) & 65 (men) of many of our parents generation. The ‘R’ word’s not an option chez nous for many reasons both financial & personal, so it’s important to formulate a plan (keeping the goals on roller skates) on how we will continue to manage that, alongside the inevitable battle with decrepitude that’ll set in with our advancing years! 75yr old national treasure Billy Connolly (who when he turned 60 was given the advice: If you get an erection, don’t waste it. Even if you are by yourself!’) is suffering from both Parkinson’s disease & prostate cancer, yet his doctors expect him to live to 90… He recently said in his documentary Made in Scotland: ‘despite my diagnosis & being at the wrong end of the telescope of life, there is still time to go yet, places to go, new friends to make, new songs to write & sing & jokes to tell’.

♥Billy’s musings on life & the inevitability of death, led to me thinking about that thing us humans tend to do in January; making ‘new year, new you’ resolutions. Seriously? Why would we do that to ourselves directly after the indulgent excesses of December? Here’s the truth gleaned from my own 62 years of experience: Few of those pronouncements are adhered to due to the unrealistic expectation attached to them. The pressure we put ourselves under, coupled with the fear of failure encourages depression, self-loathing & guilt – not a good plan at the darkest, most grey time of year (in the northern hemisphere)… Surely our time is better spent planning adventures & snuggling up with the cat/dog/other, nurturing our wellbeing with the odd libation of choice? I don’t know about you, but my ageing bones ache more in damp January & I definitely suffer SAD from the short daylight hours, so the best advice is to be extra kind to myself, nurture me not waste precious time lingeringly analysing my failings. I’m using this opportunity to look at what 2019 has to offer my personal ‘do what I love/love what I do’ life choices, it’s a much more  affirming optimistic & attainable plan. Publishing 2 more issues of No Limits Magazine, before evolving it into a book. Nurturing relationships old & new more than I did in 2018 (little bit of guilt creeping in there). Travelling for both work & pleasure. MUSE tickets in June. Living accommodation re-jigging to accommodate mobility issues. Airbnb-ing. All these already figure high on my list. They are not resolutions – more attainable declarations of intent that embody my personal definition of doing what I love/loving what I do.

♥So come on, what has your 2019 got in store? Share & tell –  shout loud & proud: NO LIMITS (g)olders – Write your own script & myth-bust those age stereotypes. I’m posting this, then strapping up my crumbling knee & taking the crumbling dog out to soak up some watery sunshine – rock n roll!!!

Love & Peace in abundance.


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