No Limits Magazine Newsletter Number 2

Hot Summer in the City 2018


It’s a hot, hot, hot July at No Limits London HQ and we have been busy expunging (don’t you love that word?!) and cleaning out all the accumulated clutter that comes with deciding to put yourself and your reputation out there! We have taken all we learned from the sell-out Issue 1 of Goldie Magazine, and are currently editing and crafting the sparklingly virginal October print publication of – drum roll – NO LIMITS Magazine … and oh what a jam packed issue it’s going to be.

The theme is cross-generational relationships, and this topic has thrown up a range of diverse and unexpected features from talented writers, photographers and illustrators ranging in age from 30 to 80 plus.

It’s a varied body of work, from a 17th Century Lady reaching out across her family generations to inspire her ancestor’s jewellery designs, to how music can unite all ages, to mid-life unravelling, to invisibility/visibility, to Black activism and publishing, to cross-generational life stories, to challenging stereotypes, to grief, pain, to how you might plan your final send-off… This is just a taster – we have SO much to share and as you can gather, oodles of content to fill our lavish advertisement-free 120 pages. Currently our biggest problem is resisting the temptation to keep adding more and creating a book rather than a magazine… Now there’s an idea!

We are loving the increasing number of people engaging with us on our social media platforms and we thank you so much for your support (& occasional criticism even!). It really helps when deciding what content to include and focus on in our magazine and online when we have feedback from you via our daily postings. So do please feel free to comment, email, direct message on Instagram, messenger on Facebook, or comment on Tweets – We want to know what you think!

One final point; We have had emails from people who are confused about our name and who’s who, especially in view of the shenanigans surrounding the launch of a second Goldie Magazine that has definitely not been created by the founder of Goldie Magazine Ltd. If you do purchase a magazine with this title, it isn’t ours and we take no responsibility for any issues which may arise from this other publication. Our magazine is NO LIMITS and is being published in October 2018 by the founder and creator of the original magazine. As we get closer to publication we will be transitioning our online presence towards the new title.

Hoping you have a glorious, fulfilling, productive week wherever in the global village you are following us from.

Love and Peace

Jeanie Marsh-Dawson

Founder & Publisher

No Limits Magazine




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