♦Stop press♦: Death is the only inevitable thing in life, so you may as well enjoy a no limits ride as much as possible to the very end beautiful humans! Currently, there are virtually no publications celebrating the lives of the 40 plus generation. No Limits Magazine addresses that, by myth busting ageing stereotypes & encouraging YOUR VOICE to be heard.

One of the most often rolled out stereotypes in the media & indeed peoples own later life rhetoric is Invisibility. This word was the epiphany that kicked off this particular 61year old woman’s personal quest in early 2017. I primarily took aim at myth-busting invisibility as it’s connotations made me so flipping angry. One can become invisible as one ages – it’s not much of a life, but it is possible – you can just hide in plain sight, but here’s the thing; it really is a choice, not a given.

♥No Limits Magazine was born in London UK from a need to shout out my findings & is also my  culturally diverse and ever evolving hometown. We have an official celebration in the calendar for just about everything & everyone (with a few exceptions – we are human after all!)… As Guy Fawkes night, Diwlai, Halloween & Thanksgiving segway into the season of Christmukkah (our house), Christmas, Yuletide, Happy Holidays et al, I want to highlight the importance of the people old and new, who in 2018 have reached out and graced me with a rich abundance of friendship, connectivity & inspiration. Age and life experience have told me that this is ultimately what matters most. Loneliness is a living hell for so many people – one that needs to be properly addressed within our communities as a priority in the future, if we are to sustain truly fulfilled later living. My GP told me recently that some of her older patients visit her surgery not because they are unwell, but because they are lonely. How tragic is that? Taking time to talk to one another costs nothing and has proven enormous health and wellbeing benefits.

♥No Limits aim for 2019 is to continue to share the stories & life experiences we encounter, not tell you how to live your life. Those stories are being volunteered to us from all over the world, gathered from a rich diversity of people of all ages. The common thread seems to be a willingness to reach out to one another – being heard telling unadorned, unfiltered truth, & BOOM – banishing invisibility! Reading the happy, sad & funny stories of real life, of love, loss, pain, grief, of enlightenment, acceptance, hope & new beginninings, connects us all by common threads. Yet we can so easily fall silent, believing that what we have to say is of no relevance or interest.

♥I want to thank all of you followers & contributors for trusting No Limits Magazine to edit and portray the snapshots of your lives in a positive, uplifting way. Social media (Facebook: No Limits Magazine, Instagram: no limits_mag) has been a force for the good in promoting our cause and disseminating the beauty, positivity, inclusivity & diversity of ageing. Also – & possibly most importantly it has helped us dispel the fear of looking your age, by posting your gorgeous un-retouched/edited photographs & comments – we revel in the power & freedom it brings when we embrace it.

♥Vive la revolution d’age!

Love & Peace to all

Jeanie Marsh-Dawson x

No Limits Magazine EIC

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