Issue 2: No Limits – the journey begins to publication October 2018

No Limits is the title of the October print publication of our next magazine.  It will be exploring the importance of cross-generational relationships in our lives, and the mutually beneficial richness those connections bring. We would love to hear your opinions on this subject to share on our social media pages, and will be following up on your stories. Also, it would be fantabulous if you could help spread the word far and wide that there is plenty more to come – exploring how extraordinary ordinary older people see themselves in the 21st century.

Issue 1 has been independently reviewed as: ”A refreshing, stylish and thoroughly modern read”, and a personal favourite: “Some way from Saga, it is a stylish magazine for the baby boomer generation who have an ageless attitude to living.It is a bit of a hell-raiser“. The Magazine reached out around the globe, way beyond it’s place of origin, to countries as diverse as the USA, Seoul, Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy and more.  Hold onto it tightly if you were lucky enough to get your copy – it will be a collectors item! Over the next few weeks, we will be putting some of the articles from Issue 1 up on the website. We know it’s not the same as actual paper print, but felt it would be good to share a few of the inspirational contributors pieces.

Eager to step outside our parochial comfort zone of home and celebrate a 60th Birthday, the creators of No Limits have been on a road trip through the Deep South of the USA seeking new life perspectives and a break after all the hard work producing Issue 1. In the process we have gathered a diverse selection of stories and photographs. Being across the Atlantic has been an inspiring, thrilling and exciting adventure, as well as an interesting take on human kindness (or otherwise in some cases!) as one of our group is disabled and we were travelling with a wheelchair. The human connections have been enriching, sometimes distressing, but always enlightening. Sharing stories of life and loves, politics, global warming, finances, music, art, work and salacious gossip (!), quickly breaks down boundaries, assumptions and prejudices. The uninhibited honesty – possibly because all parties know that this is a fleeting connection, makes for stimulating exchanges and discoveries that have taken us off the beaten track. Now back home and already working on layouts and copy for a bigger print run, we are determined to inspire and help get the message across that we are starving ageism of oxygen, along with all the other “ism’s”…at least where No Limits is concerned..



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