Goldie No Limits Newsletter no.1– A Day in the Life: Keeping it Real

An Honest Day in a 61yr (G)Old Life

I decided to write an honest, warts n all day in the life of your 61yr old self publisher of Goldie No Limits Magazine EIC. I recently read  a so called “typical” day of a mainstream magazine editor, who apparently whilst looking cool and glamorous juggles family, school runs, meetings, lunches, launches, drinks parties, homework, more drinkies, and much more all on 3 hours sleep! Goldie No Limits it a bit more erm basic… we don’t have staff – for that read ‘friends and family’, or an office – ours is the kitchen table, garden shed, bed, coffee shops with wifi. Big corporate budget? Nah – ours is personal savings. What we do have is an enthusiasm for living in the now, keeping it real, a genuine love of people, sharing their life stories and a (largely) positive attitude to what brickbats life tosses at us.

7.00am: Blearily awake to prepare brekkies for Airbnb guests, with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and John Humphries voice reassuring us that the world hasn’t ended overnight. The planned October 2018 issue of Goldie No Limits Magazine stuff is already buzzing around and notes are being made. Feed the pets and remove dead mouse the cat Ozzinobuns has kindly left under the kitchen table for the guests.

Cappuccinos in bed with the main man, chewing over the day to come and assessing the pain levels from his fractured spine, on a scale of a resting 4 to frickin un-bearable. We work out what support he may need on a practical and on a disability discrimination level as he hits either the road or tube to fulfill his day job as a TV exec.

Clear breakfast, trawl house, check Goldie No Limits emails/Facebook/twitter/Instagram, then start on the “to do’ list… Promptly get sidetracked having a phone discussion with loss-adjustor about burst water pipes from storm at the family house in France. Need fresh air after this, so walk the pooch and get shouted at by man who objects to having a sealed bag of doggie poop put in his already full skip…Back home to decide what level of pain meds to take for knackered knees pain.

Late morning travel into town with the bonus ball 60plus Freedom Pass, for a productive meeting with one of our esteemed contributors. Onwards after said meeting to see one of the elders in our life; a 93yr old Aunt. After taking her out shopping – the only time she leaves her flat, apart from going to church on Sundays, I decide to tackle her about moving into sheltered housing, but fail to convince her to give up a single ounce of her ‘independent’ living, even though she’s becoming increasingly vulnerable. It is a serious worry, but we have no choice but to respect her decision. While we were away in the USA recently, she had to have two emergency blood transfusions in hospital, and afterwards deal on her own with a water leak coming through from the flat above hers. Her landlords Hackney Homes literally left her in the dark for weeks, after they disconnected the light in her toilet saying it was dangerous. It took my husband an hour on the phone, and recourse to the words: “do you want to be seen as complicit in the culpable manslaughter of an old, frail woman living alone” to get an electrician sent out the same day to reconnect it. It is a reminder to me that we have an urgent need to address our societal attitudes towards the responsibility, care and support of the old folk. I feel an article about this coming on…


All the while my mind keeps wandering, going over mental images of every single Goldie No Limits content page, itching to get back on my laptop to read and re-read copy and scrutinise images, thinking of how best to distribute and market the final product to a wider audience than the first issue.

Back to my home around 11pm, having narrowly resisted scoffing more than half of a large box of chocolate Malteesers en route, given to me by the Auntie. My man has updated our will’s after realizing they were last done 27 years ago and are now wildly outdated, so I sign over whatever may be left of my life to my heirs, check that the Airbnb guests are ok and settle down with my laptop as the rest of the house gradually slides into sleep, for a few hours of uninterrupted editing and writing. I hope I make it off the sofa and up to my bed eventually before dropping off zzzzzzzzz…. Glamorous huh?!

Have a fabulous weekend you beautiful humans, whatever adversity throws your way. x

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    Frances Sundheim
    Posted October 28, 2018 4:19 pm 0Likes

    How does one subscribe to the print magazine from the USA?

    • Jeanie Marsh-Dawson
      Jeanie Marsh-Dawson
      Posted November 27, 2018 1:22 pm 0Likes

      Hi Frances: I hope you found a way to order, but if not the link is: https:/
      Thanks so much, & sorry for the late reply!

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