Goldie Newsletter Number 9: Deadlines r us!

It’s almost the Spring equinox in the UK, and we Goldie Magazine creators are ignoring the distinctly un-spring like weather, cracking on with final prepping of  articles/photoshoots/illustrations/photographs, all edited and in place ready to publish in April. Every day is another ‘WOW’ factor as we view the emerging mockups of everyone’s fabulous contributions. Goldie issue number 1 is shaping into a thing of great visual beauty, with diverse content to excite all genders…It may even inspire some young’uns!

Lots of thoughts flying around on social media this week about gender equality, as we see that neither women or men of any age can afford to be complacent in the 21st century. If Goldie can present the growing older demographic in a positive inspirational, aspirational light, without ducking the real issues accompanying it, we will have achieved what we set out to do. The message is: Don’t you dare underestimate us – #wearesurvivors …yeah hashtag savvy ones!

This week your EIC had a communication from a Woman PhD in the USA. She wrote:

▶︎Dear Ms. Marsh-Dawson:
I am a researcher at Kennesaw State University near Atlanta, Georgia, USA, who is studying how women use social media to communicate messages about aging. Your The Invisibility Myth blog and @jeamada Instagram feed -as well as the @goldiemagazineuk feed have

influenced my understanding of how women use text and images in ways that counter negative assumptions about aging, such as the idea that women become “invisible” as they age.
Due to your status as a social media influencer, I would like to include your name and username in presentations and publications resulting from this research. I am seeking permission to use your name and username alongside quotations from and observations about your blog and/or Instagram content.◀︎

A year ago when I started The Invisibility Myth project, I made a joke about the idea of being seen as a ‘social influencer’ at the age of 61, having as I did at the time 20 followers on Instagram, attracting private messages only from plastic surgeons and viagra pedlars!!! It just goes to show you can achieve what you set out to do at any age, but it’s a good idea to be actively engaged in the journey, not sitting around thinking “what if”.

I hope you are inspired by Goldie and feel a part of this amazing zeitgeist emergence of optimism surrounding us #notdeadyet generation! If you have any ideas you would like to share, or comments to make, click on the email link below. We are always pleased to hear from you all.

Big loveage
Jeanie Marsh-Dawson
Editor in Chief

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