Goldie Newsletter Number 7

♦Real Life Notes♦

♦Do you ever feel like your head is going to explode if you have to bear responsibility for one more thing? Of course you do. We all do. This past week for the Goldie Magazine team has been a testing and frustrating time; one spent juggling hospital visits, helping offspring move house, Airbnb hosting, rearranging finances and re-mortgaging, flu fighting, homeless sheltering, and general damage limitation… Not surprisingly, this has led to Goldie Magazine getting a bit behind schedule!

♦We have set ourselves a deadline of Thursday 12th April for our press launch party – squeeeeeee, so watch this space for further info and help us spread the glad tidings!!!! Today we start galloping towards our goal and this coming week will see us giddily mocking up pages for the print run of the magazine, crafting a press release, booking our press launch venue and paying attention to the detail of our final content. None of this is for the faint hearted – it’s a time consuming labour of love and seriously hard graft, with Goldie thoughts running through our heads 24/7. Our small team are experienced at multi tasking with a fine skill set between us, but still there is so much to learn. We are getting to grips with a myriad of new and thrilling technology as we go, and this is where our advancing years show; the young people educating us in the “how to” are razor sharp and fast by comparison…It’s a case of repeat, repeat, repeat when schooling us!

♦Your Editor in Chief has been looking for words that sound positive – the sort of ones we want to see used in Goldie articles to illustrate age in a positive light. Here are a couple of definitions I found when browsing the web – the first of which left me cold:

Definition: In old age

Synonyms: aged, aging, ancient, been around, declining, grey*, hoary, long in tooth, lot of mileage, no spring chicken, old, olden, on last leg, over the hill, retired, tired, venerable.


Main Entry: Mature

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: become adult, fully grown

Synonyms: advance, age, arrive, attain majority, become experienced, become wise, bloom, blossom, come of age, culminate, develop, evolve, fill out, flower*, grow, grow up, maturate, mellow*, mushroom, perfect, prime, progress, reach adulthood, reach majority, ripen, round, season, settle down, shoot up


Main Entry: ripen

Part of Speech: verb

Definition: mature

Synonyms: age, bloom, develop, evolve, flower, fruit, grow, heighten, improve, maturate, mellow, perfect, season

♦The language we use in our everyday lives is so important. Just a simple change in emphasis from “I was” to “I am” can  change a whole raft of negative reactions and feelings, thereby helping us to subliminally enforce positive thought patterns. Someone once said; “Death, disease, sex and the lavatory are a human obsession.” At Goldie we are endeavoring to openly discuss all these things and more, but always with a healthy dose of scabrous humor, and optimism. I hope you will like what you see enough to follow and join the Goldie Gang as we “arrive, ripen and blossom” into a life affirming, sassy movement.

Have a good week lovely Goldies.

Your Editor in Chief; Jeanie Marsh-Dawson




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