Goldie Newsletter Number 5

How much is enough?

Your editor has been reluctantly thinking about finances, as we chart the costing’s for printing and marketing our first issue. There has been much discussion about the ethical and moral dilemmas around the subject of unpaid work – as in no actual cash changing hands for services given. Initially at Goldie, all of our contributions have had to be voluntary as we are self-publishing/funding. We are absorbing our own costs, and I’m not going to pretend that it doesn’t create soul- searching debate. Our conclusion is, if we don’t take a leap of faith and just do it Goldie Magazine will never happen. We are being honest and upfront when establishing relationships with contributors, always aiming for some form of win-win in order to show how much we value the abundant talent that are joining us.

But here’s the thing – I know we all need a certain amount of hard bucks to pay the bills, whatever our age or circumstances. However in reality how much of what we do and receive, benefits and enriches our lives in a host of non-fiscal ways? Wellbeing? Health? Community? Friendships? Relationships? None of them are quantifiable in monetary terms, but crucial to a fulfilling life. Personally, when a crisis large or small hits my world, I reach out to my friends neighbours and family before looking at my bank account. I try to share everything I have, and personal analysis suggests to me that time is the thing I fall short of most. There aren’t enough hours in the day to give as much of myself as I would like to. But as we age, I think we must look to create for ourselves a whole package of individual needs based on our life experiences. Loneliness is shown to be as big a problem as poverty.

What do you think? How much financially really is enough to live well?

This week we have published on our website some diverse, thought provoking pieces. Carol Pearson of encourages us in her column Embracing Change to: “Think positively about ageing, take good care of yourself, know that you can continue to learn, develop and create a rewarding and happy second half of your life.” Definitely worthwhile, whatever the circumstances you may find yourself in.

Read the moving story of how early onset diagnosis of Alzheimer’s at the age of fifty, challenged Norrms McNamara to re-assess his own approach to positive ageing. He shares with Goldie the story of how he took control of his life-changing illness by creating . A legacy that will continue to grow providing help, awareness and support globally for many years to come.

On a lighter note, we are slightly unnerved, but thrilled to introduce the arrival of Polyester Pam to the Goldie Gang. She is sure to shake things up with her naughty anarchic take on life, loves and things she finds distasteful…

Following on from Nane Kaur’s funky music playlist, we share some of the soundtracks to artist, mother, friend, and muse Carey Marvin’s life. It is the second in the series and reflects how passionately diverse and evocative our individual music tastes are.

We would love to hear what your personal faves are – What make your feet tap and your memories surface? Do email: and we will feature your list

Have a kick-ass, snog-a-stranger Valentines week Goldies.

Jeanie Marsh-Dawson

Editor in Chief


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