Goldie Newsletter Number 3

How’s your January been so far? Grey? Dull? Abstemious? Did you survive the self-fulfilling irritation that was “Blue Monday’? If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it’s a pretty likely scenario you’ve been feeling all or some of the above, which is why it’s vital to keep busy and creative. HQ – aka; bed (nothing like a laptop/duvet combo), desk, kitchen table & cafes various all over London, is buzzing with news views and creativity: We have confirmed a beautiful cover story (under wraps natch) by an amazingly talented photographer, who tells us a poignant story about how her art helped her mother’s recovery from illness, and the knock on effect it had on their inter-generational relationship. There is also a plethora of fashion, food, drink, life, art, death, tattoos, lifestyle, humour, tantrums and tiaras. All being gathered in whilst fighting tiresome battles with seasonal colds and flu! Oh yeah and a weird thing that happens in the UK when we get mildly extreme weather; instant transport chaos…It can make getting around feel like you live on the moon rather than a first world country, but hey we London Goldies carry on regardless, taking regular pauses for coffee, paracetamols and nose blows, because we are doing what we love and Goldie is worth it!
Have you checked out the website yet? We have been sharing some of the contributions from collaborators who are joining us on the ride to publication. So who are they? How did they come to us? Well the truth is, your Goldie creators are a chatty, sociable, gossipy bunch. We engage whenever possible in that old fashioned face to face communication thing – you know, the one the younger generation believe involves a screen rather than a real person. Funnily enough the inclement weather is a good ice-breaker (excuse the pun), followed by “Can you give me three words on ageing and a photograph please”…This leads to either laughter, chat about Goldie and an exchange of details, or mild abuse and a quick departure…you can never be sure which way it will go. Instagram, Facebook, Personal contacts, friends of friends, word of mouth, Airbnb guests, they all form leads into the extraordinary stories of peoples lives and loves. Stories that connect us, make us think, question our beliefs, challenge our behaviour. A rich, complex tapestry of being the beautiful, flawed humans that we are.
Follow us, tell your friends, famalam, random strangers, keep the love flowing lovely Goldies and get in touch. There is so much to share and tell about this generational life change thang.

Your Editor
Jeanie Marsh-Dawson

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