Goldie Newsletter Number 2

Goldie has been feeling the love and positive power of social media, as we meet with our global audience who are joining us on this journey to publication in the spring. It is thrilling connecting with you all as we spread the word, and look for the best and most effective way to distribute our magazine globally.

It has been a giddy week of gathering stories, words and photographs from the extraordinary ordinary talented people who are reaching out to us. We are managing to meet face to face with quite a few of you, and this means racking up the hours travelling, collating, disseminating stuff on our Facebook/ Instagram/ Twitter feeds, and working on trial layouts to start filling the 100 pages of print with the exclusive, inclusive content we are looking forward to bringing you. The inimitable Tom Morley recollected the old advertisement for the tonic Phyllosan who’s tagline was “Fortifies the Over Forties”… Goldie could have done with some of this when brainstorming at 3am. “Had” to make do with green tea and a shot of tequila instead!

You may think that this project of ours looks and sounds under control – well think again, for Goldie is a hungry new baby that requires a lot of feeding and attention! We four, all post 50 in age, are running with this self-funded concept we believe so passionately in, alongside (sometimes thankfully paid!) employment, family commitments, disabilities, illness and the usual raft of everyday responsibilities that continue throughout our lives. It feels daunting sometimes, and in those moments its important to remember a few of our favourite mantras, which you might find amusing:
*Tits out, onwards, there’s fuckery to spread…
*Age is not a barrier to starting new things….(despite battling lower energy levels than when in our 20’s!)
*Do what you love, the rest will follow…(If we can’t do it now, whats the point?)
*Feel the fear – and jump!…(Its good for us to step outside of our carefully crafted comfort zones, whatever our age)
And last, but not least: *Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!

People are generously sharing so much of their life experiences, loves, passions and creativity to the visual feast we are preparing, that we cannot wait to see, feel, hold, smell the end published result in our hands. It’s a thing that digital media cannot begin to compare to, even though it has a convenient and useful place in our lives. Print is still a unique medium, and we would encourage you to share the Goldie love with all of your friends, family – indeed complete strangers on the street… We do, and great conversations and good vibes often follow!

Please keep sharing your thoughts and contributions – They are inspirational!

Love & peace to all from your editor Jeanie Marsh-Dawson.


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