Goldie 2018 Newsletter Number 1

The founding members of this exciting venture, are collaborating and self funding to produce the premier issue of Goldie Magazine in the spring, whilst multi-tasking  juggling lives and commitments as varied as our characters and life-experiences. So we thought you would enjoy recieving an invitation to engage with us on the ride towards publication.  This first Goldie newsletter comes to you not from a chic office in town, but from the Editor’s bath (!), where I’m trawling the UK’s glossy magazines for articles that seem relevant and inspiring to the post 40 generation. Very little has surfaced of any relevance, but I suppose that’s a good thing given that our intrepid posse of creatives is actively producing a bespoke Goldie journal to fill the void in the print market. We don’t intend to sensationalise age for the sake of attention, we want to explore the natural progression of our identities developing whilst our perceptions and prejudices mature. Whilst we are endeavouring to promote living the fullest life possible, we are devoting this first issue to breaking the silence around many of the topics surrounding our exploration of this as we grow older.

Our quest to produce a diverse, humorous and inclusive range of features and articles is gathering momentum. One hundred pages of beautiful photography and illustrations accompanying writing on topics from body art to dementia, fresh takes on fashion and beauty, depression and loneliness, feeling invisible to strutting your naked booty loud and proud, and oh sooooo much more…

So the age-quake creators of Goldie Magazine are fast forwarding you past the taster mock-up of our cover page gif to our final page…A metaphor if you like for the inevitable: “The Last Word – Signing Off”…We are inviting YOU, dear readers to send us your own ideal obituaries or last words. Lets be honest – defiant humour can often get us through the darker moments in our lives. My own example (as I was disappearing into the darkness with anaphylactic shock a few years ago) was nothing more profound than a one word expletive: “fuck”!!!  91 year old Jean Oddi of Columbus Ohio, known locally as ’the queen of sass’ had time to put it better: “I hate to admit it, but evidently I died”.

We will publish some of your replies and comments on our website. There are no taboos at Goldie, so do please get those creative juices flowing, and feel free to start those letters to the Editor coming in on any subject you choose. Contact:

There will be increasing activity online to follow and watch out for on our website:, where you can subscribe to these newsletters and email us.
Also Facebook: Goldie Magazine, Instagram: Goldiemagazineuk and twitter, where I imagine we will soon begin to see famous “last tweets’ to add to our Signing Off page!

Goldie wishes all it’s followers and contributors a healthy, happy and adventure filled2018.


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    Carol Dietz
    Posted January 2, 2018 5:24 pm 0Likes

    I look forward to the collective voice of Goldie. I wish to step away from all of the aging hype, to just enjoy living life as an older person. My wrinkles or puffy eyes, have nothing to do with my core values and my feeling vital and fulfilled in with my life.
    I feel that now is the time to let costumes and all the disquises fall away. I only want real. And right now, real for me, is as simple as applying lipstick in the morning, and saying a prayer of hope and gratitude . Everything else falls into place. That is my Goldie moment.

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      Jeanie Marsh-Dawson
      Posted January 3, 2018 2:38 pm 0Likes

      We could’nt agree more Carol For way too long, the rhetoric has been driven around looking young, lost youth, negative language and connotations. Occasionally an article (usually patronising) that seems to treat anyone beyond forty having/living a life, as some kind of anomaly.
      2017 saw the doors opening slightly, and we intend to burst through them!

    • Jeanie Marsh-Dawson
      Jeanie Marsh-Dawson
      Posted January 3, 2018 3:09 pm 0Likes

      Meeting all the people who are contributing is proving to be a life-affirming, hype-free scream of freshness! Feel free Carol to contribute via email:

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    Barbara Ruga
    Posted January 2, 2018 8:48 pm 0Likes

    Thoroughly enjoyed the newsletter. Can’t wait to see the magazine in the spring. God bless Yu.

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    Carey Marvin
    Posted March 4, 2018 9:09 pm 0Likes

    Love a the posts – thrilled to
    Be included in this venture.

    Trying once again to sign up for the Newslatter!

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