Divorce: Exploring the isolation and fallout that can result, from a man’s perspective.

“No one will tell you what it’s like to be where you are now. At the start of my breakup (17 yrs married) it was like this for me. It’s not documented well, people don’t write about it particularly from the male perspective. There isn’t much content on the internet, blogs, twitter or Facebook references to the journey you must make. Yours is not a sob story. Far from it. Right now you are at the lowest point of your life. You’ve been to some places, done many things, and experienced life events like the birth of your child, the death of a parent or surviving a major accident. Yet none can compare to this one.”

About the Author:  Mike is a 54 yr old Account Director who has worked in IT development & sales for over 25 yrs. He was married for 17 yrs, has one daughter, now at University and is a survivor of acrimonious separation and divorce. Men are often accused of not talking about these subjects or just not talking at all! The fall out from divorce can be catastrophic for many and indeed some don’t make it to a path of recovery and healing. Mike is keen to explore what men in particular can do to help each other to avoid the isolation which all too often accompanies men along the way.

This article will appear in full in the first print issue of Goldie Magazine.

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