About Us

The evolution of No Limits has become a part of an adventure that started with The Invisibility Myth in 2017. It has a fine pedigree of dedicated parents, whose aim is to publish the next print issue in Summer 2020. Yes, print is not dead – it is the heart and the core expression of an idea, one which will see no touched up faces or body fascism. Jeanie Marsh & Stephen Marsh would love you all to follow us on the journey, and contribute too if you would like!

Two seasoned, post 50 entrepreneurial business creatives have combined their talents in the fields of journalism, television, film making and the arts, to produce and independently publish a  magazine. It will be dedicated to the narrative of a zeitgeist movement of flourishing older women and men.

This is more than just a momentary trend; it is statistically a growing market of motivated, aspirational people who see ageing in a positive way. They are recognisable as people who own who they are and are not invisible when they walk into a room. The demographic are actively engaged in everything from travelling, relationships/friendships, re-training, studying and starting new businesses. They have tuned in and switched on to a new life era, in a way that previous generations never had the opportunities or freedom to do. They still embrace and invite adventure, love fashion and care about how they look, whilst facing the inevitable challenges and limitations that age can bring, in areas such as finance and health.

In No Limits we are aiming to address these topics in a stylish, fun and positive way, debunking and questioning any negativity around the Golden Agers. We are writing about a diverse range of topics from later life living experience, covering issues from life-death and all stops in-between. We are looking to shape any advertising content to support the style and ethos of the magazine.